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Catherine Bray Wilfong

"For as long as I can remember, I've created art. I think I was drawing before I learned to write. Art has always been a huge part of my identity. People frequently ask me "Who taught you to paint?" or "Who did you inherit your creative talent from?". In elementary, middle, and high school I was fortunate to have excellent art teachers to learn from, but that's the extent of my formal training. Some talents are learned, and some are simply a gift from God. He gets the credit for everything I create. For a long time, I only created for myself, but in 2018 I started taking commissions and grew in confidence. After several internships and a job after college that left me feeling drained and unfulfilled, I took a leap of faith, set all my excuses aside, and started CBW Design. I love to work with my clients and help bring their vision to life. I'm so grateful to everyone who has encouraged and supported me over the years to make my dream job a reality."


Catherine Bray Wilfong is the founder and artist of CBW Design. She started the company in early 2023 to pursue her passion for creating art. Catherine is an Athens, Georgia native who graduated from the University of Georgia Terry College of Business in 2020. 

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